Replacement Parts – Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are the most popular window style in production today. Made up of two sections of glass (sashes) in a single frame, the sashes slide up and down to allow air to flow in and out of a room. Most new double-hung sash windows use spring balances to support the sashes, although older styles used counterweights attached to pulleys. Many of today’s double-hung windows feature the ability to tilt either one or both sashes in for easy cleaning. Double-hung windows are not a good choice where you need to reach across something, such as a sink or bath, in order to open the window.

Anderson Glass Company stocks Andersen Double-Hung Window replacement parts. Whether you need to replace the upper or lower sash, we have Andersen Tilt Wash Replacement Sashes and Tilt Wash Screens in a wide variety of sizes and colors. Among the colors we stock are white, terratone, sandtone, and forest green.


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