Spring Cleaning & Cleaning Windows

As the warm weather of springtime finds most of us doing spring cleaning around the house and yard. If one of your jobs includes cleaning the windows, pay close attention to the operation of your window, the tightness of your screens, and the cleanliness of the wood around your window.

When you open the window to clean them, pay close attention to the operation of your operator. Is if hard to open? Does it skip a few clicks? Does it open your window, but not close it? If any of these characteristics are what you have, here are a couple of common fixes. First fix is to lubricate your operator with a silicone spray. (do not use wd-40) open your window, clean all the dirt and gunk off of the gear area of your operator, than spray the lubricant form behind into the gears of the operator. This will help keep the gears lubricated on your window operator. If that doesn’t help fix your problems, it is time to replace your operator. You can check our website for the right operator.

When you are cleaning your window screens, a dust buster or vacuum works best to suck away all the pollen and gunk built up on the screen mesh. If your frames are bent and not sealing tight against the wood of your window it is time to replace screens.

If you can’t clean the black mold build up on the wood around your window, it is definitely time to replace these parts. Contact us for help figuring which parts you need and a step by step process to replace the damaged wood parts.


These spring cleaning tips will help you keep your windows looking clean and new for a long time to come..